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Transforming the complex into the simple - What could this do for learning?

Don't touch the lemons!

I remember the day I tasted happiness.

My whole body came alive in a way I had never thought possible. In one simple bite.

It was a period of my life many people considered 幸苦 or difficult. For me, I didn't see the point of focusing on the difficulty, I preferred to turn difficulty into challenge and challenge into discovery and crossing new frontiers.

That bite was one such example.

In a story I will be sharing over more than one post, years ago in Paris, not being able to afford much of anything, I had taken to going to the local library and maxing out my library card. Mainly on cookbooks. And whatever recipes caught my fancy and I had the ingredients on hand, I would try. But one recipe caught me unawares.

The Macaron.

The very next day, I went out to try the real deal.

That was the day I walked into Pierre Hermé and walked out with a single lemon macaron.

That was the day I bit into my very first macaron.

That was the day I tasted the power of lemon.

And my life was never the same again.

The ability to take a single flavour, a common everyday flavour and elevate it to a place where it is pulsing through your body with excitement...

Three words:


Magic. Genius.

It made me totally rethink the concepts of simplicity and flavour. A meeting point where less is actually much much more.

And then I asked myself, why does it have to stop at the kitchen door? What if we were to expand it to day-to-day life and reduce our stress levels? Or what about learning? What if we could transform the complex into the simple and make learning processes more accessible to all?

And that's exactly what I did!

At the end of the day, it should be all about #simple.

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