How do you define education?

Reflections on the Hult Prize and rethinking how we learn

Rethinking Education


9/10 Discover EIGHT techniques to developing the power of intuition in Chinese language learning

Power of Intuition​


6/10 Why using all five senses in learning may be a HIDDEN KEY to succeeding in learning Chinese

Five senses


3/10 Never one without two: the TOP secret to optimizing your learning environment in Chinese



How I learnt Chinese in just one year - the ultimate 10-part guide to learning Chinese

Chinese In a Year

Ruth Zannis - From Love Story to Engagem

From love story to engagement, capturing the heart of learning

Heart of learning

Ruth Zannis - Best Way to Learn Chinese

8/10 The secret to learning Chinese vocabulary - Go from forgetting to remembering in 1 easy step

Learn to remember


5/10 The challenge of learning Chinese: Why challenge in learning is a key factor to success

Creating challenge


2/10: The four tones in Chinese: Discover the KEY secret to actually understanding Chinese

Chinese tones

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How big a role does learned helplessness and conditioning play in your learning difficulties?

Learned helplessness


10/10 The Golden Hour in language learning: Discover the hidden art of motivation in learning SIX steps

Art of Motivation


7/10 A handful of seeds or a forest of trees? A KEY secret to quickly gaining fluency in Chinese

Seeds to trees


4/10 Why learning Chinese characters may actually make learning Chinese EASIER than Pinyin alone

Chinese characters

RZ China 920px.jpg

1/10: The secret to finally overcoming the phenomena of difficulty in learning Chinese

Difficulty in learning