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Rethinking the rules of learning - Is it even possible?

型 ~ Patterns

How many times have you had to memorise rules in learning?

If we are talking language learning there can be a lot of them!

But did you know that the way you learn something can directly influence the way you use it?

How many times have you tried to speak a foreign language and instead of words coming out all you can do is scratch your head trying to remember which rule goes where?


Now what if we were to turn learning on its head?

What if I were to tell you you could make your own rules?

What if I were to tell you learning would no longer be about telling you but rather about guiding you on a path to creating your own rules?

About opening your eyes, observing forms, noticing patterns, and building on them to create your own.

Now just think about what that could do for your own learning.

No more memorisation. Just fluid forward-thinking learning that will take you well into the future.

Join the conversation now if you are in!


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