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"Your wings are beautiful. Come out to fly"

"Tap tap come out" trilled the ladybug "Your wings are beautiful. Come out to fly"


Feeling hurt, feeling pain, he just Wanted to flee the sleeting rain

Spinning spinning spinning Around around around

The warmth brought comfort The husk felt safe The outside became a distant place

Unaware of changes in and out The spinning continued throughout

"Tap tap" trilled the ladybug late one day "It may be time to come out and play"

"But I'm spinning" came the husky reply "Too busy to come and flit and fly"

"But your wings, oh dear Sky Daddy, your wings from afar- "Have you not seen how beautiful they actually are?"

"My wings, my wings, what are those things- "Crumpled, rumpled space-taking things"


There are times people see things in us we never knew were there.

"Tap tap come out" I tell you "Your wings are beautiful, come out to fly!"

Happy new year!

Challenge yourself Learn something new Discover you can

Together let's make this a beautiful year!


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