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When I say "learning", what do you see?

Look into my eyes. What do you see?


When I say the word "learning" many see school, a classroom, four walls, books, being told what to do, not getting it, feeling stuck, feeling helpless, feeling small...

Now look more closely.

This little beauty is not a butterfly. It's a moth. We rarely see them beyond them sizzling on our gas lights when we are camping late at night. They are rarely seen as cool or beautiful or funky or fun.

The same is true of learning.

Now look more closely again.

Real learning can happen anytime anywhere. Real learning is fluid, in tune with your needs, constantly building constantly pushing you that little bit further. It's about taking your mistakes and making them your successes, giving you satisfaction, making you hungry for more.

Together let's rethink the way we learn.

It's time to unlock your hidden power to learn.

Type "Yes" if that's how you'd like to learn!


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