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What's your secret motivation for learning a language?

I had never felt so powerless as at that moment there. Never wanted to talk to someone more. Yet I was totally unable.

I could tell that each person had their story, hidden in the deep wrinkles, the hardened hands and even the lean muscular physiques. I wanted to discover more and I knew the only way I could really do that would be to learn their language. Because in speaking another person's language, you speak the language of their heart.

I determined that as soon as I returned to France I would start learning Chinese.

And I would give myself a year to do so...

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I Learnt Chinese in Just One Year is a new hands on mini-series, part of The Hidden Secrets of Learning podcast, all about learning a language at its hardest! I was told I was crazy, that Chinese was too difficult and it would take me at least ten years to learn. I didn't have ten years to waste. So I challenged myself to do it in one!

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What's your secret motivation for learning a language?


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