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What makes you happy?


What makes you happy?

For me it is the possibility to put a smile on someone's face. And then to make them smile on the inside.

Preparing and sharing food with someone has this magical ability.

So does learning.

Watching someone's face and body light up when they discover they can understand something they thought complicated, they can do something they thought impossible...

It puts hope in their hearts and a fire in their soul.

This is why, from the very beginning, learning for me has always been so much more than transmitting knowledge or covering a curriculum. I never saw the point of standing in front of a class of students for an hour only for them to walk away and forget 99% of what I had "taught" them. I didn't want to waste their time. I didn't want to waste mine. I set out to discover and develop more effective ways of learning, to optimize memory, stimulate automatic application and seamlessly integrate learning into the lives of the busiest of people.

I was just nineteen at the time.

Find out more at And follow me @ruthzannis to discover more secrets about effective learning. DM me if you would like input on your learning programmes.


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