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What is the one thing that stops you from giving up?

Fire - 火

Can you see the fire?

The fire in my eyes.

The fire in yours.

The dreams. The sacrifices. The losses. The gains.

The interim jobs. The ones we don't always tell people about. These are the ones which keep our dream alive and make it possible for us to keep pushing forward. Sure, I've done my share of easy and less easy jobs, even giving one-on-one round-the-clock care to older people with dementia.

But what pulls me forward is an incessant need to open the way to give opportunity.

Opportunity through education. Opportunity through knowledge. Opportunity through choice.

It's something we take for granted, yet not all of us are so lucky, even in modern society. Having experienced first hand the effects - devastating effects - the lack of these opportunities can have, along with the extreme loss (and I'm not even talking the material side of things), I can only keep fighting forward, developing ways to optimise learning. Not just how the brain learns, but also how the mind body heart and soul learns, the psychology of adult learning behaviour and how we as adults can learn more effectively.

Because by optimising learning we optimise ourselves, opening the door to better education, better knowledge intake and better capacity for choice.

This is the fire which burns within and keeps me moving forward.

Tell me about your fire.

What is the one thing that stops you from giving up?


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