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Time to Eat a Rainbow!

赤橙黃綠青藍紫 Five-a-day

When I was living in Taiwan, a friend was teaching me about nutrition in Asian cuisine and the importance of colour. A well-balanced dish should contain five colours: red, yellow, green, black and white (correct me please if I'm wrong!). As someone who loves colour (and cooking), my dishes are usually on the bright side! Let's see how I did today:

Red: tomato (fresh from garden), homemade salsa (tomato, chili, fresh coriander) Yellow: do grated carrots count?! Lemon juice??!! Green: green peas and cucumber (both also fresh from garden!), rocket, watercress, spinach Black: black beans cooked in ginger (the ones which exploded my kitchen yesterday!), beetroot White: free range chicken poached in dark soy, ginger and fresh basil (my new favourite cooking style), chickpea houmous

Share your edible colour combinations in the comments below... Good nutrition doesn't just nourish our bodies, it feeds our brain AND helps us learn far more effectively!


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