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There is no rush!

Bullrush - 蒲

Do you ever feel out of place?

Like you just don't fit?

It can be a pretty common feeling. Many times I have felt like that. In the past.

For me, the change came when I started to see myself as somebody. That I had a voice. And I could use it.

I learnt to be comfortable in myself. I learnt I could change and grow if I wanted to. I learnt I could take control and become whoever I wanted to.

I no longer looked for a place to fit into. I became the place.

So can you!

Driving in the countryside, one day, lost in the back lanes, I saw a solitary bullrush standing tall. Totally out of place and no water in sight, yet it looked like it owned the place.

The child in me wanted to dress up and chop it down with my machete and run down the lanes hollering with my trophy.

But I didn't have a machete. Or a costume. So I left it standing tall in the back lanes. Forging its own place in a society it may not otherwise have succeeded in.

No matter who we are. Our background, our trauma, our failures. This is our present to create the future we dream of.

Stand Tall. Stand Strong. Own Your Place.

There is no rush. Just you.


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