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The secret of confidence

Confidence ~ 自信

Do you ever feel you lack confidence? Or think you have no self-confidence?

Many feel confidence is a key to success, but I'm not sure having or not having self-confidence is actually the most important thing.

More important is what you do about it or how you harness and use what you do have.

When I am working with people, I always find if you dig deep enough, everyone has a degree of self-confidence. We just need to know where to find it.

I know to some people I can come across as self-confident. My reply to this would be I don't like to give my fears the upper hand and hold me back. Most of the time it can feel as if there are two people at play: one that is strong and determined, the other just wants to hide away. They complement each other for times you need to shut down and recharge and for times you need to get out there and push yourself. There have been times though when the latter seemed to have taken complete control, stripping me of any sense of determination or courage. Almost blocking all supplies like a giant dam. Those are the times I've had to dig deep. Very deep. Digging until I could dig it out. Smashing until I broke down the dam. And it all came back. Even stronger than before.

For me everybody has a seed of confidence. Sometimes we just need to dig deep to find it. Find something you are good at. Water it. Challenge yourself to learn something new. Watch it grow.

Every seed is different and you don't know which you will have until you find it, nurture it and let it grow. Some will be outspoken, others quiet, but each will be beautiful, each will be strong, each will be tenacious.

What's your secret to confidence?

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