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The Power of Reflection in Learning


How do you see reflection?

Is it as a mirror, reflecting light and anything in its path?

Or is it as a thought process, at times very deep?

Both are applicable to effective learning.

Regular reflection and thinking about what we have learned is essential to processing and connecting that new knowledge to what we already know and seeing ways to apply it across disciplines.

In learning as a reflection, we are the mirror. Knowledge is something to be reflected, bouncing from mirror to mirror, or person to person as it spreads and grows. How well we reflect it depends how well we have processed it and how clear our mirror of understanding is. The clearer it is, the more we can share, the more we share the more the knowledge is reinforced, and so the circle of learning goes...

Crazy what a picture of a bird on water can spark on reflection!

What's your take on reflection? Join the conversation below


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