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We often think of roots being unseen and underground. But take a closer look at nature and you will see them growing out, growing around, and maybe even up!

Sometimes in life, we may feel like we have shallow roots, for myself, this is partly because I have moved around so much, home is always the bed I am sleeping in tonight, home is being with the people I care for the most.

Yet looking closely at this tree, clinging to life on a rock mass, it's root system intricately wrapped around, I realised I needed to rethink things.

We may feel, because of our background, because of hardships, loss or trauma, that our roots are shallow to nonexistent. But we need to think again. We are that tree growing and thriving on a rock mass. Already a near miraculous feat! Our roots may not be deep but they are tough and stronger than--- (whatever is super super strong!!!) And while we may feel alone in our past, even overlooked, the root system we have created is one of immense beauty. A truly regal work of art.

Let's rethink things.

Hold our heads high. Little by little let our roots shine.

People will only be in awe of our strength. Our courage. Our immense beauty.


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