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Putting determination in a new light

決心 Putting determination in a new light

This is the exact word that made me fall in love with the Chinese language. If you look back at my post on watermelon juice (28 June) you will see how words in Chinese are made from combinations of characters, each also a word in their right. This makes learning new vocabulary very easy as once you've learned a few characters, learning new words only involves remembering the new combinations of words you already know.

決心 is my very favourite. It's also the word which describes me best.

So what does it mean?

On the right you have 心 which is the Chinese word for heart. So if the heart is involved and I love it, we are on the right track!

On the left we have the word 決 meaning decide or determine and also part of the word 決定 which adds the concept of fixing or setting something and becomes the word 'decision'. Bring the two together and we have something I like to call 'decision of the heart' or what a standard dictionary would list as 'determination'. I love it!

Now where are you going to let your 決心 take you?


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