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Put some muscle into your learning, and achieve things you never dreamt possible!


People might look at me and think I've always been into fitness. The reality is quite the opposite. Sport was actually my very worst subject in school (I always came last and most definitely was always picked last). I hated it. It made me feel completely useless.

As an adult, I was pretty active, ate a pretty healthy diet and would cycle everywhere, however whenever it came to formal fitness and sport, I avoided it at all cost, and any attempts at classes saw me giving up at the very first. I was failing before I even gave myself a chance.

And then it all changed.

I quite literally woke up one morning and decided I was ready for change. The same day I found a personal trainer and had a session booked.

And I never looked back.

Yes, I was highly sceptical, but part of me wanted to push forward and try. And within even a short amount of time I could see my body change shape.

It drove me forward.

Each achievement became a milestone.

I remember the day I discovered I could do sit ups for the first time. And then within just a few months I found myself doing 50 all in one go!

I may have started with a simple goal of being more healthy. Anything more, considering my background, did not even enter my mind. I came out with a defined and sculpted body. Clothes that fit me and made me look even better. A level of confidence I wouldn't change for anything.

Even my wildest dreams wouldn't have dreamed this.

My question to you is: What if you were also to go and learn that one thing that has always been holding you back? That thing you always failed at? That thing you've avoided all these years?

It could be fitness. It could be a second language. It could be something completely different.

Now just shut your eyes for a minute and imagine yourself on the other side of that challenge.

How does it feel?

Exciting? Stimulating? Are you smiling?

As someone on the other side, I can only say it is worth every drop of sweat, every minute of muscle pain.

Now just get out there, find yourself an awesome teacher, put some muscle into your learning, and achieve things you never dreamt possible!

Never look back!

I can feel you smiling already!


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