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Make giving up in learning a habit of the past!

永不要放棄 ~ Never give up

This weekend was family time and I decided to do a bit of art for one of my nephews.

School has never really been his thing.

Music, on the other hand, has. It's in his fingers. In his blood. In his soul.

All by himself he taught himself to play guitar, then electric guitar. Not the simple stuff either. We're talking the music of his idol @zakkwyldebls and #crazytrain. The two of us even went to see him and @ozzyosbourne in concert. It was #epic!

His playing alone got him a place in music college, but he found it hard to cope with the formal learning context.

He is not alone.

Do you ever find yourself at a point in your life and career where to move up to the next level you need to learn the very thing you were no good at in school?

It could be fitness training.

It could be a second language. It could be something completely different.

At the end of the day, just because we are good at something does not guarantee success.

To keep growing we need to keep learning.

The question is though, how do we make learning more accessible, more engaging?

How do we design learning to directly engage learners? To the point they almost forget they are learning.

How do we design learning to accommodate the very busiest of people? To the point it can completely be integrated into their day-to-day schedule.

How do we design learning to help people hold strong to their dreams? To the point where they just never give up.

One secret lies in something we call a sense of achievement. Not just in the form of passing an exam or getting a good result on a project, but rather in the form of micro-achievements. By opening our eyes and focusing on what we are doing as opposed to what we are failing to learn or have yet to learn, we recreate what is also known as a dopamine effect and that constant urge for more, in this case learning.

What are the secrets to designing such learning?

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