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It's Time to Face Your Learning Demons

When I was a child I had very long thick dark hair. As a matter of fact I still do :) but I will never forget wearing it loose and being told by someone close to me that I looked like a witch. And for almost thirty years I never wore it loose again.

Many people remember being told as a child that they were stupid or would never be good at a subject or because of their gender they shouldn't pursue certain subjects higher up, and those very words sticking to them, even being absorbed and fully believed by them for years to come.

And what about you? Were you ever told something as a child that stuck with you, possibly even restricting you on reaching your potential?

The question is though, do we keep living with it or could we finally face it and be able to move on?

Are we condemned to that stereotype or is there something we can do about it?

In this episode, It's Time to Face Your Learning Demons, we'll be looking at the deeper side of learning and what may actually be holding us back from reaching forward and grabbing learning opportunities with both hands.


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