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How to navigate the world of giants when you feel no bigger than a shrimp

Little meets Big

Have you ever felt so small in front of someone you felt was big Big BIG!

Like they could bite your head off.

Like you were a little shrimp.

Have you?

When somebody seems bigger than us, seems more successful than us, seems more experienced than us, we can naturally feel intimidated.

But should we?

Instead of focusing on the feeling of intimidation, what should we really be saying?

Two words.


Teach me what you know. How can I get big too?

And what will you find?

The willingness will be there. The hands will already be extended.

Just look at a few of the "big names" we might follow on social media. What are they doing every single day? Reaching out to help us reach our goals, turn our dreams into reality, make the magic happen. You watch a video and you can feel that passion, that desire, that urge to share the secrets behind the magic.

We might focus on the fierce looking demeanor of the big red shrimp and feel as small as the other, but step back for a moment. Once upon a time, Big Red walked in the exact same shoes as Little Red. And one day, Little Red will fill Big Red's. That is certain. After all they are both shrimp.

And we are all human.

Now step back further. I remember the day I shot this picture. It was the day Little Red was born. He or she (I couldn't quite tell which!) was only 2mm long. To us, Big Red, no longer than 20mm, by no means qualifies for a giant! Yet observing them through my lens, I couldn't believe how gutsy Little Red was. There was fire in his soul.

Size is always relative. And secrets are only secret to those who remain closed.

Open our eyes and we can see Open our ears and we can listen Open our minds and we can learn Open our hearts and we can grow big

Never stop asking. Never stop learning. You never know where it will take you or what doors it will open for you.

Have you experienced this to be true?

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