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How far do you go for love?

Lavender love

What does love represent for you?

For me love is about making the people you care about smile on the inside. Love is about paying attention to minute details and creating things and experiences they will love.

Three years ago while in Australia, my nephew told me he wanted to try lavender in a dessert. Without telling him, I scoured the shops in Sydney but failed to find edible lavender.

Two years ago we were together again in the US and low and behold I got my hands on some edible lavender! But failed to find the time to create something with it.

Fast forward to present day and this time together in the UK, I make him chocolate brownies, I make him chocolate and banana bread (each disappearing pretty fast) yet in the back of my mind the lavender is still haunting me.

So this weekend we find ourselves in Paris for a small family reunion. Saturday evening I infuse the lavender in some cream, then Sunday morning we all go to the local market where I find some beautiful fresh juicy limes.

Using the butter cookie recipe from my beautiful great aunt Cleo (see my post from February 2018), I add lavender and bake the base. Then I make a lime lavender curd and bake that over the lavender biscuit base. I whip the lavender cream and add melted white chocolate to make a white chocolate lavender mousse which I pipe onto the base once it is fully cooled. I decorate with some lime slices, lime zest, caramelised macadamias and praline crumb I also made.

And without him even catching on, we succeed in pulling off a surprise birthday party for him!

And (finally) my latest creation: Lavender Love.

Today is your actual birthday. A real Valentine boy. May all your wildest dreams come true and more!

Happy birthday! Happy Valentine's Day!

How far do you go for love?


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