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Hidden Secrets of Learning Podcast

In a rapidly changing world where learning is essential to staying at the top of your game, what if you could finally take control of your learning and start making it work for you? Subscribe now to the Hidden Secrets of Learning Podcast and unlock your very own hidden power to learn!

Two episodes up now:

Learning and the Fat Issue - Are we becoming intellectually obese? Do you ever feel mentally tired and sluggish? Ever wondered why you have such trouble remembering things? This podcast looks at how current learning can resemble today's obesity crisis, how the way we learn can directly impact our mental waistlines and what we can do to counteract this. Discover what goes on inside learning and how we can optimise those processes.

Unveiling the Mystery of Motivation Drawing on the world of compulsive addictive behaviour, get a deeper understanding of two key forms of motivation and discover how to rewire things to keep your motivation levels high and ensure your projects succeed!


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