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Do you listen to podcast?

Do you listen to podcast?

Personally, I don't listen to podcast. For various reasons I've never really enjoyed listening to people talk and pretty much find it quicker and preferable to read a transcript.

Fast-forward to this week, three days ago to be exact and @worldofthefeminine intrigued me by her podcast and I actually went and listened to it. To the very end! As a sidetrack, the topic was a concept I was already familiar with, but it was presented at an angle I had never considered. So ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys, guys and gals, if you've ever wondered about your inner boy or inner girl and how the kid in you might actually be screwing up your relationships, head over and listen to it!

Now coming back to podcasts in general, this got me thinking about starting my own. Research indicates they are very popular.

So please tell me: 1) Do you listen to podcasts? 2) What platform do you prefer to use? 3) What is it, besides your interest in the topic, that attracts you to listen to specific podcasts and podcasters?

Thanks for any input you can give :)


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