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Discover the hidden benefits of pain in learning!

I will never forget my very first Startup Weekend. On the morning of day two I found myself in a corridor of the university, hot tears streaming down my face. I was within a hair breadth of walking out the door and never coming back.

What changed me? What kept me coming back for more?

Many times we run from pain, looking for quick solutions to dissolve the feeling and sensation.

And certainly when it comes to learning, it is one of those situations we want to avoid at all costs.

Or is it?

Could pain actually be something we could use to our advantage?

In this latest podcast episode we're going to be switching things round a bit. Instead of looking at all the ways to make learning make us feel good, we're going to be looking at why not feeling good can also be an effective way to learn. Instead of running from pain, what if, from time to time we were to embrace it, we were to turn it to our advantage. Stay tuned, this episode is called "Discover the hidden benefits of pain in learning" - we've got a lot to learn!

Listen now! What's your take on pain?


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