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Are you a scripter or a winger?

Dear fellow podcast wizards, are you a scripter or a winger? Or somewhere between the two?

I'm still learning the ropes. This week after listening to advice not to try to make everything perfect, just go with the flow, I tried recording "à la wing". It didn't go too well. And that was even with an outline and plan.

So I went back to Plan A and spent the last few days scripting it, all ready to record tonight or tomorrow. If anything, I'm quite looking forward to this episode, it's quite raw, but anyway, it just got me wondering how you guys do. Especially if you are on a solo podcast too.

Do you script everything or do you just talk naturally and hope for the best or just edit a lot? Please share in comments below.

And please subscribe. There are two episodes up already and more ready to go.

Talk soon xxx


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