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A 'Touch' of Chocolate


In for a penny, in for a pound Go the whole hog

The lovely Rowanne @rowanneswriting is holding a bake sale today to raise money for good causes, so I thought I'd put my apron on...

Let's just say 900g of chocolate later and a lot of cocoa, things went a bit chocolatey! (And no, I didn't get chocolate on my face😆😆😆)


Here's to a dark chocolate cake (not too sweet, rich but light) with a chocolate salted caramel filling (with those dark bitter notes), a silky chocolate Italian meringue buttercream (did I say silky?? and I don't even like buttercream!!!), and to crown it off, coconut praline white chocolate truffles (think Ferrari Rocher, only a lot better!)

Ready for a slice?

Why not just win the whole cake???!!!

Enter the raffle @rowanneswriting for a chance to win AND give to a great cause!

And don't forget to swipe through the rest of the pictures!

(You know you want to!)

Just save the drooling for the comments :)


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