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Together let's make learning happen: When learning comes full circle...

圓圈 Full Circle It was a cold February day in Paris and I had a few hours to fill.

Paris is definitely a city to be felt, in the most passive sense of the word, so I headed to the Jardin des Tuileries and parked myself at the exact face on angle to the big wheel. And sat there. And took picture after picture after picture. Until my fingers could feel the shutter no more.

I'm not a perfectionist. Really I'm not! I just like to get things just right. Or spot on. Or exact. I like things to be complete. Like a circle. Too often in life we have a very separatist view of things. We go south to do one thing. And come back to centre. Then we go west for another. And come back. And the same for north and then east. If you were to draw that movement on a piece of paper, it would be sharp, uneven and with a lot of back and forth. The flow would be nonexistent. But what if, instead of separating things, we combined them into one fluid movement. No back and forth, no waste, just South to West to North to East. What do you get? A circle. Now what would happen if we applied the same formula to learning? Instead of working on one thing at a time, or going through a book doing one exercise after another, what if we were to design learning that not only worked several skill sets simultaneously, but made it possible to take in, process, assimilate and use knowledge all in the space of one learning session? Learning that is sparked in the initial learning space but walks out the door with you and automatically continues and integrates into your day to day activities. I like to call it full circle. It's time we rethink learning. And I'm not talking books. I'm not talking technology. I'm talking learning itself. How we stimulate and sustain motivation. How we develop spontaneous memory recall. How we transfer learning across contexts. How we maximize learning outcomes through more effective processing, increased assimilation and the ability to automatically use what we have learned. Follow to out more. Together let's make learning happen!

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