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Lost in the jungle, monkeys make awesome learning partners - Chinese Challenge 2018 – Check-In Numbe

I’ve always been someone who likes to choose my words. Craft them, sculpt them, and why not even design them, so the written word becomes a work of art on a blank page.

Maybe I should have been a word artist.

Maybe I am.

I guess it’s no coincidence then that my Chinese Challenge is all about words. Bringing together my love of words and my love of Chinese. And this week I’ve had plenty of that. Words, words and more words.

I started the week with random words, which I turned into some weird abstract stories, but hey, most of those words have actually stuck in my brain, so not bad going. Then I got into thematic word lists.

Oh dear!

In principle I do not like word lists and do not recommend them in any shape or form, but at the moment they excite me, they terrify me. You see, for the past week I have felt like a forager in a jungle looking for words to learn. In my daily explorations, reading articles, watching videos, using social media in Chinese, I was finding small clusters of words I could set aside and learn. But getting into thematic word lists: now that was like finding a heavily laden fruit tree right in the middle of the jungle. And then another. And another. And yet another. And I now feel like a monkey stuffing myself with sweet, sweet fruit. It’s wonderful.

So much to learn. So much I don’t know. I’m worried at this point that 2000 words will not be enough and I will be hungry for more.

That’s all for now friends! This happy hungry monkey has to get back to her tree!

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