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Turning Words into Story - Story 1 小猫

To find out more about my Chinese Challenge 2018, check out this post. Here are more details about the Turning Words into Story series and how you can join in. This is my first story, in Chinese and English. Looking forward to reading yours :)

Here are my words from Day 1:

出租车 - 1. taxi - chu1zu1che1 猫 - 2. cat - mao1 打篮球 - 3. play basketball - da3lan2qiu2 阴 - 4. cloudy - yin1

药 - 5. medecine - yao4 慢 - 6. slow - man4 晴 - 7. sunny - qing2 忙 - 8. busy - mang2 教室 - 9. classroom - jiao4shi4 颜色 - 10. colour - yan2se4 旅游 - 11. travel - lü3you2 游泳 - 12. swim 踢足球 - 13. play football - ti1zu2qiu2

块 - 14. MW piece - kuai4 通告 - 15. announcements? 强度 - 16. intensity, strength 低调 - 17. low key - di1diao4 有意识的 - 18. consciousness, awareness 秀 - 19. show - xiu4 剧情 - 20. story/plot 食谱 - 21. cookbook, recipe, menu - shi2pu3 尽量清淡 - 22. light, fresh - _ _ qing1dan4 养生 - 23. keep in good health - yang3sheng1 命名 - 24. to name it 空闲 - 25. free time 讲个故事 很久以前,我不知道什么时候,有一个小命名她小了应为她有很低调的存在。向所有的猫猫一样, 她空困最喜欢睡觉。但这个剧情不会那么轻松那么无聊,应为这只是完全不同的。故事发生的那一天,小猫一直在睡觉。 突然她有意识的感觉,有一件事不正常。有奇怪的味道,奇怪的声音,像远远的地方有通告。通告?通告什么?她看时间。 还是早上不到三点钟,什么都黑黑的 大家应该都还在梦想的地方。她出窗了进去黑暗的路上。一个出租车过去了 和不见了。 她感觉很孤独很小。特别小。她继续往向走 还在听这个小小的声音。 她过了年经人打篮球的地方 很高兴大家都不在应为怕被抓下来像弟弟以前被抓的一样。她过了泳池感到紧张应为她都不会游泳。有一天一定要学习才控制她的忧虑。泳池旁边有孩子喜欢踢足球的地方,没错这个附近真的关心健康,大家都要保持养生。难怪有不少的人来这里旅行。小声音一直都在 但到学校它强度变大了。小猫进去了一个教室。什么都安安静静的。她所看的是很亮的颜色 什么都有颜色好像很的。在墙上她看到一后天的食谱, 看起来什么都很尽量清淡。她笑了,这样吃都会好好影响孩子们的学习能力。 这样很好。变大了才不需要吃!在教室后面他看到一个大门。 上面有画得一个有的风景。她感到声音越来越近 有慢慢的开门。 突然。。。 To be continued… A long time ago, I don’t know when, there was a Little cat. She was named Little because of her low-key existence. Like most cats, in her free time she loved to sleep. But this story plot is not so relaxed and boring because this cat is totally different. The story takes place one day, Little cat is sleeping away. Suddenly she has a feeling of awareness, something is not normal. There is a strange smell, a strange voice, as if from a distant place an announcement. An announcement? Announcing what? She looks at the time. It is still morning, not even 3am, everything is black and dark, everyone should all still be in the land of dreams. She goes out through the window and into the dark street. A taxi goes by and disappears. She feels very alone very small. Especially small. She continues straight ahead still listening to the small small voice. She goes past the place the young people play basketball, happy nobody is there because she is afraid she will be captured in the same way her little brother was. She goes past the swimming pool and feels nervous as she still can’t swim. One day she will definitely learn and hopefully control some of her anxiety. Next to the swimming pool is the place the kids like to play football, that’s right, this community really cares about health and everybody wants to stay healthy. No wonder many people travel here. The small voice is continuously present but on arriving at the school it becomes more intense. Little cat enters a classroom. Everywhere is calm and peaceful. All she can see is bright colour, everything has colour like it is very busy. On the wall is a paper with the day after tomorrow’s menu, it seems everything is light and fresh. She smiles, eating like this will have a good effect on the children’s ability to learn well. That’s very good. And when big won’t even need medicine! At the back of the classroom is a big door. Painted on it is a sunny and cloudy scene. She feels the voice closer and closer and slowly opens the door. Suddenly… To be continued...

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