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Thinking strategy (and cake!)

You know you want a piece.

Even just a lick.

But how are you going to get it?

It comes down to strategy.

It's the same with Instagram.

Sure, at the end of the day, everyone will tell you it's all about hard work and not giving up. I totally agree. But if I'm going to put that much work and effort into something (and Instagram definitely eats up time) I want to be absolutely sure I'm getting a maximum ROI.

And that's where strategy comes in. I do this when it comes to learning and helping people learn more efficiently, and I am doing it as I learn the ropes of Instagram. This time it is proving to be a long learning curve, but I'm learning.

This post is actually inspired by a conversation started by @stepuppoint this week. It opened my eyes to several things and also made me rethink and refocus my strategy for getting into Instagram. I'd like to continue that conversation here as I still have questions and I'd like your input. I guess my biggest eye-opener was the use on Instagram of bots and the connection to hashtags. The more I read about it, the bigger my eyes got, and at one point felt like I just couldn't win at this game. I started to notice bot activity everywhere, even on comments. And it made me question every profile (sorry). Was I dealing with a bot or a real person? I mean, how can you tell for sure?

To avoid my thinking going too far, I decided to re-strategise and re-focus. Of course, I'd love to grow quickly, but from the beginning my goal has been to connect and interact with people.

I started by dropping all the hashtags I had been using. And focused my attention on adding comments in the hope that conversations could be started.

And guess what?

People started talking! It's been great!

But I'm still learning. And I want to hear from you!

How do you deal with the bot problem? What's your strategy to engage people? What's your best way to get conversations going?

Now to help things along, who wants some cake?!!! (It's a good one)


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