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What's your favourite drink?

I've always been a water girl. All I drink is water. All I've ever drunk is water.

Until I went to Taiwan.

And I drank 珍珠奶茶 for the very first time.

Bubble Tea.

I was hooked. And outside of water it became my very favourite of drinks. Every time I would travel and come across a bubble tea shop, I would stop and buy one. Most were perfect, however some were undrinkable from the first sip and as much as I hate waste, I would have to toss it. My go-to tea shops became @chatime_tea and @gongchatea, wherever I might be. Or from time to time I would make it myself.

A year ago, however, I decided to completely cut sugar from my diet, which meant no more bubbles for me. Until a few weeks ago around the mid-autumn festival. I had decided to try making mooncakes (scroll down to my September post and you'll see a picture of my mooncakes) and off I went to Chinatown to get ingredients: salted duck eggs, black sesame, bubbles... Hang on! Bubbles??? Yeah, a packet of black tapioca pearls found their way into my basket and for a few days I stood staring at them on the kitchen counter wondering what to do. So I decided to experiment. Could I make a version of bubble tea without refined sugar? And how about without dairy while I was at it?

And this is what I came up with!

Looks the same as normal bubble tea, heh?! And guess what? It also tastes the same! It's made with almond milk and for sweetener, a little maple syrup. 真的很好喝!Really good!

Let me know in the comments if you'd like the recipe! And if anyone can suggest other sugar alternatives, please help!

台灣的朋友們, 你們超級喜歡喝珍珠奶茶的人,我很想回來台灣所以你們可以告訴我,在台灣台北市,哪一個珍珠奶茶品牌是最好喝的?而且有没有品牌可以換豆奶而不用白糖? 感謝你們的幫忙!


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