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Turning Words into Story - Story 2 白兔

To find out more about my Chinese Challenge 2018, check out this post. Here are more details about the Turning Words into Story series and how you can join in. This is my second story, in Chinese and English. Looking forward to reading yours :)

Here are my words from Day 2:

以治 - 26 treat - - zhi4

失眠 - 27 insomnia - shi1mian2

伙伴 - 28 partner, companion - huo3ban4

陪伴 - 29 to accompany - pei2ban4

尽心尽力 - 30 to do one's utmost - jin4-1-4-4

蛮(多) - 31 quite - man2

记忆 - 32 memory - -4 -4

肩膀 - 33 shoulder - jian1bang3

期待 - 34 respect, await, look forward to - qi1dai4

心态 - 35 psychology, mentality

乐观 - 36 optimistic

进取 - 37 enterprising

心情愉快 - 38 have a light heart, be in a good mood

捐赠 - 39 donate

碰面 - 40 meet - peng4mian4

挫折 - 41 setback - cuo4zhe2

行业 - 42 trade, profession? - hang2ye4

解读 - 43 decipher - jie3du2

紧张 - 44 nervous - jin3zhang1

天然 - 45 natural

吸引 - 46 attract - xi1yin3

掌握 - 47 control - zhang3wo4

练 - 48 practice - lian4

往往 - 49 often

彻底 - 50 totally - che4di3

Story 2

她感到声音越来越近 有慢慢的开门。 突然感到很紧张 没有掌握的感觉。 门后什么都很黑黑的所以很难解读对面的墙上有什么事。小猫只是看到一些不清楚的小颜色,像小电钮一样:绿色 蓝色 红色 黄色。她喜欢红色所以她按红色的电钮。突然她感到大风,好像被抓的感觉 以后什么都不见了 彻底完全黑的。什么都像她在空虚飞一飞 一直飞。突然她掉下来看一个小门 上面写了“小”这句话。她进去了。里面都是很天然的 像古老的花园一样。她完全不知道她到底在哪里 但漂亮的环境把她心情愉快。她看一只白色的动物 接近了。

“你好 我叫白兔子。你是谁?”


“你迷路了啊,没关系我可以帮你 我往往来这里事”


小猫多看白兔 多吸引他的白衣, 觉得很帅

“不会吧 我很喜欢帮忙”

“多谢你 你住在附近吗?”

“对了 但以前住的很远的地方”

“这样啊 你做什么工作呢?”

“我的行业很特别 跟捐赠有关 没有很多地方可以工作”

“真的吗? 看起来你很进取的 你应该有很乐观的心态

“哪有! 但我平常不怕什么 或者我怕的话我还是去做 这样”


“没错 你说得很对 但这样你可以多学习多进步”

“应该是 你好像很奇妙的 我很期待多认识你”


“谢谢你小猫 跟我走吧”

突然白兔走了那么快他好像不见了。小猫尽心尽力的陪伴她新的伙伴。 他们跑得那么快小猫开始以为她的伙伴有以治不了的失眠 他们一直走一直走一直走。小猫变了累 她平常很棒的记忆有完全忘记她本来要找的小声音。。。

She felt the voice getting closer and slowly opened the door. Suddenly felt very nervous, a feeling of no control. Behind the door everything was very dark so very hard to decipher what was on the wall in front. Little cat could only see some hazy small colours, like buttons: green, blue, red, yellow. She likes red so she pressed the red button. Suddenly she felt a large wind, a feeling of being caught and then everything disappeared, totally completely black. Everything felt like she was flying in a vide (hole), just flying. Suddenly she fell and saw a small door written on it the word “Little”. She went in. Inside everything was very natural, just like in an ancient garden. She had no idea where on earth she was, but the beautiful surroundings made her feel very light at heart. She saw a white animal, and approached.

“Hello I’m White Rabbit. Who are you?”

“I’m called Little Cat. Very pleased to meet you, I seem to be lost”

“You’re lost hey, don’t worry, I can help you, I often come here to practice things”

“Really. I will have to trouble you then.”

As Little Cat looked more at White Rabbit, the more she was attracted to his white exterior, thinking he was very handsome.

“Not at all. I really like to help.”

“Thank you very much. Do you live in the neighbourhood?”

“That’s right, but before I lived somewhere very far away”

“Really! What do you do for work then?”

“My profession is very particular, it’s to do with donations, there aren’t many places I can work.”

“Really? It seems you are very enterprising, you must have a very optimistic outlook

“Yeah right! But I often not afraid of anything, or if I’m afraid I still go and do it, like that”

“Are you not afraid of setbacks? Because to move to a new place there are probably quite a few.”

“That’s right! What you say is very true, but that way you can learn more and make progress”

“I guess so. You seem to be very intriguing, I look forward to getting to know you more”

White Rabbit placed his hand on Little Cat’s shoulder.

“Thank you Little Cat. Let’s go then”

Suddenly White Rabbit went so quickly he seemed to disappear. Little Cat did her very best to accompany her new companion. They ran so quickly Little Cat started to think her companion had untreatable insomnia, they just went and went and went. Little Cat got quite tired. Usually she had an excellent memory but had completely forgotten the small voice she had originally come looking for...

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