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走在年齡的影子 Walking in the shadow of age

Walking in the shadow of age 走在年齡的影子

When we talk challenges, we think big things. We expect the extraordinary. But that is not always what life gives us. (English below. Please scroll down to read)

我們談挑戰,我們想到大事。我們期待與眾不同。但有時候最奇妙的是最小的,最挑戰我們的事就是人都不留意的事情。 我是超級喜歡挑戰自己的人,平常故意得去找挑戰,但我永不會忘記的一個突然來找我的挑戰。


上大學的時候,有機會照顧老婆婆。我接受了。沒有什麼了不起,對我來說照顧我們的老人無論是不是情人照顧他們珍惜他們豐富生活經驗都是我們的責任。 但我沒有期待這個經驗會多麼挑戰地我。

看著那慢慢越來越無能的我就學習保持笑容而心裡在流淚。 看著一位很愛話的畫家被偷掉她說話的能力是最強的暴力。




When we talk challenges, we think big things. We expect the extraordinary. But sometimes the most incredible are the smallest and the most challenging what nobody notices. I love challenges and often seek them out but I will never forget the challenge which came to find me.

Since I was a child I always loved old people. Making friends with the grannies and aunties in my neighborhood, I remember all by myself often stopping to visit on my way home from school, to drink tea, share stories, laugh together.

When I went to university an opportunity arose to care for an older lady. I accepted. Nothing special, for me caring for our older folk, related or not, cherishing their rich life experience, this is our responsibility. But I didn't expect this experience to challenge me so much.

Seeing the ever increasing incapacities, I learnt to keep a smile while my heart wept tears. Seeing an artist who adored words have the very object of their love stolen from their capacity is of the strongest violence.

This is true hardship.

We need to stop wasting our energy and our focus on our hardships for what is coming will be incomparably harder.

And even more let us not waste the wealth of experience of our older people. We must cherish them, learn from them, and put a smile in their hearts which will never fade with time.

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