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联络 - 北京 2002 年 Trying to get through - Beijing 2002

Trying to get through - Beijing 2002 联络 - 北京 2002 年

Fifteen years can be a long time. How does the you today compare to the you of fifteen years ago?

I may have been through a lot of experiences, both incredibly amazing and deeply, deeply painful, but that girl in her Chinese shirt had just as many dreams and just as much determination and ambition as she does today.

What would I tell the me back then?

Always be strong. Find your voice and use it. Think more. And question deeply. Even questions you should never ask. Those are the ones which will lead you on paths of freedom.

Never fear pain, never fear hurt, look them in the eye and dig deep within yourself to understand where they are coming from. Only then will they cease to have control over you and you will start to fly.

Let yourself feel at every level, only then can you understand the hurt and desperation so many live with, only then can you hold out your hand and help them out of it with your beautiful smile of hope and new possibilities.

How does your younger you compare to your you today? And what would you tell your you back then?

Join the conversation. I want to hear your words.


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