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玫瑰石 Discover the secret of the Rose Stone of Hualien

Rose Stone - 玫瑰石

In a world which is constantly changing Constantly trying to change us Trying to make us what we aren't

How do we change that?

The secret is found in the story of the stone The Rose Stone of Hualien Each stone is only found after a typhoon Letting us discover it's story Unique words Painted itself Words from the heart Shining out

Natural disaster changed into natural beauty

Sometimes life's hardships can feel like going through a typhoon. At times we want to run away. But what if we learn to change hardships into advantages, change our hidden natural talents into our success?

Swipe left and discover the hidden talent of these beautiful stones. What is your hidden talent?

在一個不斷改變的世界 一直催我們改變 把我們變我們不能變的


秘密在石頭故事找到 花蓮玫瑰石上 每一石在颱風後被找到 給我們發現它的故事 獨一無二的話 自己畫畫的 內心的話 表現出來






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