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挑战 - Challenge

挑战 - Challenge

Some people love challenges, others hate them.

What about you?

Do you like challenges?

I've always loved challenges. If someone says you can't, I say you can. You just need to believe. And be willing to work hard. Sometimes very hard.

This is where motivation is so important, and a key reason why so often we might find it so hard to stick the challenge out right to completion. How though can we harness our motivation and keep it working for us right to the end? Check out my new podcast episode 'Unveiling the Mystery of Motivation'. And then sometimes we reach a point in life where we have already achieved many many things. Sometimes amazing things. And with the absence of new challenges we can have moments almost of feeling lost, almost empty, wondering what will be our next direction.

These are times when we may choose to go inside ourselves for a short period to rediscover and redefine what we really want next. Or perhaps someone will come along and offer us an opportunity we never thought possible or thought ourselves capable of.

你還是相信童話嗎? Do you still believe in fairy tales?

You may not believe yet, but maybe that person is right. Maybe you ARE capable.

Always believe. Always believe and make the impossible come true.

Your dreams are about to get even bigger.

What will be your next challenge?

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