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好奇 - Curiosity

好奇 - Curiosity

Want to know how things work? Want to look beneath the surface of how things happen? Never satisfied with some textbook explanation?

Ever since I was little I've needed to dig deeper. Understand more. Feel more. Live more.

I was never satisfied to just follow the recipe, I had to understand exactly what was going on inside and why things reacted in certain ways.

Because in understanding the deeper mechanisms, in understanding the why and the how, only then can we go away and replicate, only then can we go away and build up.

In the field of learning it is the same. We may easily replicate the way we were taught. There is nothing wrong with that and we may have good success, but what if we were to look beneath the surface of learning? What if we were to gain deeper understanding of the mechanisms at play? Or start to have insight on the psychology, both positive and negative, that goes through our brains when we are suddenly put in a learning context?

What impact would such knowledge have on our own personal learning journeys? What impact would that have on our journey as entrepreneurs?

To stay at the top of our game, we need to be constantly learning and constantly growing. How do we do that when starting and growing a business is already consuming 150% of our lives? How can we take charge of our learning processes to optimise the knowledge to action turnaround and create a learning environment that fully integrates into our already busy busy lifestyles?

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