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中秋節快樂! Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

中秋節快樂! Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

Today's the day we watch the moon with our nearest and dearest, eat moon cakes, (each one equally shared), and if we're lucky enough: 烤肉 (BBQ!)

I've never really liked moon cakes because they are just way too sweet.

A few days ago (so much for planning early) I was wondering about how they were made and came across this wonderful post by Maggie from @omnivorescookbook and within hours had ordered my own set of moon cake molds. I baked my soda for 枧水 Kansui and cooked up a pan of golden syrup. And just as Maggie said they would, the two emulsified beautifully and out popped these babies! (If only it was that simple!) The roasted black sesame filling is truly delicious with just the right hint of sweetness. I rarely eat sweet things, but honestly, I could eat a plateful! (Only if I let myself!)

Happy moon festival everyone!

Let's hope the moon comes out!


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